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    2019 Surf Expo // Gear Preview

    In case you missed it, we have you covered here! Last weekend was the Surf Expo where we displayed our 2019 lineup for ZAP. We had a great show and everyone was genuinely excited for the upcoming season. 

    This year we updated a few models and added quite a few more art designs to our Classic Series models. To start, the art work on the Lazer, Wedge, & Wedge models looks better than it ever has in our opinion. We have introduced a few more bright colors to our offering and the designs the craftsman are whipping up are next level. The Pro design is new for 2019. We updated the logos and added more art to give it a great look. The Ace model was also updated for 2019 with new "marble" style logos that really make the Ace stick out. 

    Moving to our high end models, we simplified our offering and dialed in our shapes to what works best for our riders. This year we introduced the core series which features the Chimp, Fuse, Fuse-X, Hell Cat, & Prowler. The Chimp is geared for the up and coming groms. It comes in 3 sizes: 38", 42", & 46". Next is the Fuse & Fuse-X which is hands down our top selling model. We have added a new "fade" logo that is pretty fresh. The difference between the Fuse & Fuse-X is construction. The Fuse is made with Polyester Resin and E-Glass with a a carbon strip for reinforcement. It is an economical glass job but it rips like no other! The Fuse-X is built like a tank with our Epoxy Resin and GatorSkin glass. You won't find a stronger board... It is geared for the ultra progressive riders and is a top choice among our top riders. Next up is the Hell Cat & Prowler models. These were designed by Steve Boomhower and are great boards. The Hell Cat is made with the same construction as the Fuse and is great for spots where you need a lot of float. It is the ideal liner board and a favorite for riders where conditions are smaller/mushy. The Prowler model is made with the same construction as the Fuse-X and is quite the board for all around conditions. It has quite a wide outline but is pulled in at the tail with a wing incorporated. You get a lot of float with this board but you don't sacrifice any maneuverability. It is definitely worth adding the Prowler to the quiver. 

    We have our Ultra Team series to offer. This includes the Mr. Incognito, Whip, Cazador, Arrowhead, and Rocket Fish. There is board for everyone between all these models. If you want to read up on these, check out the board model pages. 

    Moving to our accessories, we have added the Coffin Bag to our line and it is for the serious traveler. You can fit 3-4 Boards in a bag and it has plenty of padding to protect the boards. We also added a 46" Standard Bag that is geared to holding our Medium Wedge, Small Wedge, Lazer, and Mini Lazer. This is a great bag that the kids can handle and keep their board in pristine condition all summer long!

    Our pad offering is still the Lazer and Deluxe pads. We're planning on releasing a few more designs on our Deluxe pads by Summer time so be on the look out!

    Thanks for taking time to check out our offering and we hope to see you on the beach this summer with a ZAP. We have the best crew ever behind us and look forward to another great year!

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