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    2022 OBX Skim Jam Recap

    Every year we look forward to going up to North Carolina to take part in the OBX Skim Jam. There isn't any other place quite like the Outer Banks and the 5th Stop of the Skim USA Tour usually delivers very fun waves. This year was no exception as we were graced with fun 1-3' swell the entire weekend that provided great contest conditions.  

    We kicked off the weekend on Friday night by having a skim session at Jennette's Pier where the contest was held and the Skim USA crew hosted a bonfire with a Pro Signing. It was a lot of fun to meet everyone that came out and kick off the weekend on the right foot.

    The OBX Skim Jam is the 2nd Stop on the United Skim Tour for the Professional Men and 1st Stop for the Professional Women. We would like to give a special shout out to the contest organizers (John & Wendy Caputo, Watkins Holt) for putting together an amazing Pro purse of 10K. You could tell in the Competition that the riders had a little extra something to skim for!

    With that being said, there was quite a few close exchanges and man on man heats that could've gone either way. It was very exciting to watch. Zap team rider Yahir Valencia stood out and was in one of these close heats in the Semi Final where Dane Cameron just got the best of him. Yahir had another solid result though finishing 3rd Place. In the end, Lucas Fink was solid all weekend and took home his 2nd consecutive victory on the UST Tour. 

    In the Womens Pro division, Zap Team Rider Casey Kiernan got off to a fast start on the United Skim tour by taking the top spot over her fellow teammate Alex Yokely. The girls were ripping and it was a lot of fun watching them going back and forth. Special shout out to Sydney Pizza for holding it down with a solid 4th place finish in her first Professional event.

     A few other special notes:

    • Bruno Sa took home the biggest air award. He won on a Kerrupt flip. He was ripping all weekend long.
    • The Mens division was stacked with Zap Team riders. Congrats to Dylan Duncan on taking the top spot. Zeke and ET were posting high scores all weekend and were right on Dylan's heels.
    • Congrats to newest Zap Team Rider SkimG on Winning first in the Minis Division. He is light years ahead in skill for his age!

    Check out the video recap from the event below!

    Video: Devin Demenezes



    Bonfire At The Pier the Night Before
    Pro Signing 
    McCoy Brothers
    Pro Women Casey Kiernan & Amber Torrelba
    Team Rider Skim G
    Team Riders Skim G & Zeke Williams 
    Skim Gio
    Bruno Sa 
    Naji & Fin 
    Sam Mccoy 
    Zeke Williams
    Chip Sanders 
    ET Beaugrand
    Lucas McCoy
    Max Smetts
    Bruno Sa & Lucas Fink
    Dave "Monster" Armstrong 
    Bruno Sa
    Bruno Sa
    Yahir Valencia 
    Max Smetts 
    Lucas McCoy
    Yahir Valencia 
    Pro Men and Womens Champions!
    Bruno Sa Winning Biggest Air 
    Semi Pro Division:
     1st- Josh Wright 
    2nd- Scott Fricker
    3rd- ET Beaugrand 
    4th- Cooper  Forcucci 
    Mini Division:
    1st- Giorgio Tomasi aka SkimG
    2nd- Noah Thompson 
    3rd- Keegan Davis
    4th- Grant Mills
    Menehune Division:
    1st- Fin Johnson 
    2nd- Owen Simpson
    3rd- Grayson Mills
    4th- Finn Birdsong 
    Girls Division:
    1st- Eve Redefer 
    2nd- Karina D'lorio 
    3rd- Stella Mcneil 
    4th- Savannah Hope 
    Boys Division:
    1st- Colton Ettwein 
    2nd - Cooper Forcucci 
    3rd- Killian Davis 
    4th- Tristan barnes 
    Jr. Mens Division:
    1st-Josh Wright 
    2nd- Sean Newbert 
    3rd- Sammy Diemidio 
    4th- Eric Sheckells 
    Womens Division:
     1st- Rylea Sinex 
    2nd- Avery Richey 
    3rd- Emma Gleason 
    Mens Division:
    1st- Dylan Duncan 
    2nd- Zeke Williams 
    3rd- ET Beaugrand
    4th- Finn Forcucci 
    Sr. Mens Divison:
    1st- Tj Brewer 
    2nd- Trevor George 
    3rd- Tyler Hodges 
    4th- Reese Plauche 
    Grandmasters Division:
    1st- Scott Fricker 
    2nd- Frank Fernandez 
    3rd- Watkins Holt 
    4th- Jesse Berlew 
    Sr Grandmasters Division:
    1st- Joe Ward 
    2nd- Chip Sanders 
    3rd-Toby West 
    4th- Victor Enriquez 
    Legends Division:
    1st- Wally Siam 
    2nd- Dan Lally 
    3rd- Jason Gillentine
    4th- Mike Lomax 4th 
    Womens Pro Division:
    1st- Casey Kiernan 
    2nd-Alex Yokley 
    3rd- Amber Torrealba 
    4th- Sydney Pizza 
    5th-Emma Okoniewski
    6th- Libby Rendall
    Mens Pro Division:
    1st- Lucas Fink 
    2nd- Dane Cameron
    3rd- Yahir Valencia 
    4th- Bruno Sa
    5th- Sam McCoy  
    6th- Perry Pruitt 
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