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    2024 Spring Fling Skim Jam VIDEO RECAP

    Words: Jason Wilson // Video: @devindmedia

    The fourth annual Spring Fling Skim Jam returned to Nokomis Beach, FL on May18th and 19th. The Skim USA competition brought out top professional and amateur riders from around the country to mix it up and compete with the local skim community. It was an extra hot weekend full of waves, good competition, and great vibes!

    Yes, waves! You heard it correctly. We had a really fun rideable skim on the Gulf all weekend throughout the competition. This made for the most exciting Spring Fling yet. It gave local riders a chance to show their full range of skills including wraps and liners after the past year's flat ground tech fest. Professionals had the opportunity to dazzle the crowd with big airs, long rides, and combos that had the entire beach fired up!

    Professional Gerardo Valencia skimmed on another level all weekend despite a muscle strain, showing why he is one of the strongest competitors in all conditions. Him and Mason Broussard were matched up against each other again in the final just like last month's Skim USA event in Panama City Beach, FL. This time Gerardo was not letting Mason out skim him despite a strong performance by Mason. 

    Women's pro Sydney Pizza hit her second 540 shuv in competition and put on an inspiring performance all weekend helping us run the competition and coaching other young skimmers. 

    In the amateur divisions we had many winners including Gio Tomasi- 1st Place Menehune, Graham Shelton- 1st Place Jr. Men, and Cj Lugo- 1st Place Masters & 2nd Place Semi Pro. The entire team showed out all weekend ripping in and out of the water to inspire the youth and help us run a really solid skimboarding competition. We encourage you to join us next year. 

    Be sure to join us this weekend at the Jackalope Fest in Virginia Beach, VA for the Skimmunity Showdown on 6/1-6/2.


    Thanks again to our sponsors who helped make this event possible:

    Zap Skimboards
    Composites One 
    Spice Skate
    Ride Nature
    Shore LB.
    Island Fin Poke
    Shuck N’ Ale
    Alley Oop Skim Camps
    Windflight Surf Shop
    Compound Boardshop
    Venice Jetty Surf
    Skim Team Geritol
    Roof It Right
    RDS Skim Company
    Surf Hardware
    Black Summer Clothing Brand
    Venice Print Center
    Wave Zone Skimboards
    Hammer Traction


    • Pro Men: 1) Gerardo Valencia 2) Mason Broussard 3) Dylan Duncan 4) Lucas McCoy
    • Pro Women: 1) Sydney Pizza
    • Semi-Pro: 1) Cooper Forcucci 2) CJ Lugo 3) Graham Shelton 4) Cody Newman
    • Legends : 1) Toby West 2) Wally Seim 3) Gonzo Salvador 4) Jerry Myer
    • Senior Grandmasters: 1) Matthew Maszak 2) Christopher Ellison 3) Scott Dray 4) Dustin Meador
    • Grandmasters: 1) CJ Lugo 2) Nick Chapa 3) Sean Tingler 4) Kaleb Perkins
    • Masters: 1) Shane Durkin 2) Matthew
    • Senior Men: 1) James Lindseth 2) Diego Heredia 3) Walker Hayes 4) Cody Newman
    • Men: 1) Graham Shelton 2) Evan Rubin 3) Nick Forfar 4) Vaughn Miller 
    • Jr. Men: 1) Cooper Forcucci 2) Dylan Runge 3) Trent Moranda 4) Zaniel Cole
    • Women: 1) Nicole Phillips 2) Kate Warrington 3) Sydnee Wilson 4) Hailey Hutchinson
    • Boys: 1) Yuan Bonhayag 2) Oliver Skinner 3) Ryder Dilmore 4) Colton Webb
    • Jr. Women: 1) Savannah Hope 2) Kassandra Hutchins
    • Girls: 1) Aleyah Boskesr 2) Atleigh Cole 3) Cerys Miller
    • Menehunes: 1) Giorgio Tomasi 2) Brody Chnadler-Thompson 3) Dawson Runge 4) Quick
    • Mini Boys: 1) Liam Bass 2) Cyrus Brothers 3) Bodhi Boomhower 4) Kreuz
    • Mini Girls: 1) Magnolia Hutchinson 2) Starlit


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