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    Rider Spotlight: Dylan Duncan

    Photos: Casey Reigstad / Devin Demenezes

    Originally from Georgia, Dylan Duncan is an up-and-comer on the Zap team who is making a name for himself in the skim world with his technical prowess and big air style. Now living in Venice, FL, Dylan is one of those dudes who spends as much time as he can at the beach honing his craft. So far this year, he has seen the top of the podium at multiple contests. Most recently taking the win in Men’s and Semi-Pro at Jackalope Fest in Virginia Beach, VA. We caught up with Dylan to see what was on his mind for the rest of the 2023  season and beyond. Check it out below! And make sure to follow Dylan on Instagram for more skim content!

    Zap: What’s up, Dylan? Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from originally, how long have you been skimming…you know, give us the rundown!
    Dylan: I was born in a small town around Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Panama City Beach, Florida when I was 14 years old! I picked up skimboarding with a couple of my buddies when I was 16 and now it’s a part of me. I used to get off the school bus everyday, grab my skimboard out of the bushes where I would hide it, and cruise down to the beach to just practice, practice, practice!

    Zap: You’ve been killing it so far this year. What do you have planned for the remainder of 2023?
    Dylan: Thank you! I’m honestly just focused on staying on top of my grind and bringing home more 1st place trophies!

    Zap: What brought you down to Venice? How long have you been living there?
    Dylan: I’ve been wanting to move out of PCB for a long time now and when the opportunity struck, I shot down here, got a job and am now living the best, happiest life I’ve ever experienced!

    Zap: What board do you like to ride and why?
    Dylan: The Prowler is my go-to. I love this board because it’s wide and super fast! It’s really good for airs and doing tricks down the line!

    Zap: Where’s the coolest spot that you got to skim? Are there any spots on the hit list for the rest of 2023?
    Dylan: That’s got to be either The Wedge or 10th Street  Laguna earlier this year when I went out there with Gerardo. That trip was so much fun but I plan on going to Portugal very soon so that spot might just replace it!

    Zap: Who’s your usual skim crew? 
    Dylan: The Zap boys! You know, Gerado and Yahir Valencia, Will Grady, Trent Moranda, Tobi, and Monster!

    Zap: Do you have any tricks on your mind that you’re working on?
    Dylan: I’ve been working on a 900 big spin so stay tuned!

    Zap: We’re stoked to see what the future holds for you, Dylan. Is there anyone you’d like to thank for helping you out along the way? What advice would you give to the next generation of skimmers starting to come up?
    Dylan: I’d like to thank my friends who have believed and pushed me since day one and I’d like to thank my mom and dad who pushed me harder than anyone ever has! Remember to always stay true to yourself and never give up!

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