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    The 2023 Ace

    The Ace is one of our most popular shapes and for good reason – it has all the quality and features you’d expect from Zap in a more budget friendly package. With multiple sizes to choose from (50”, 52”, 54”, & 56”), there’s an Ace for everyone out there. And with custom bottom resin art on each and every board produced, you can bet that your Ace will let you and your riding stand out. Its SuperDura™ bottom makes its slide off the beach nice and buttery while its finely tuned rocker and high performance shape give you all the control you need whether you’re slashing at the wave frontside, backside, or anything in-between! One of our team’s favorites for its simplicity and overall shredability, the Ace won’t disappoint once you throw it down! We caught up with team rider Zeke Williams to see why he digs the Ace. Check it out below!


    Zap: What are some of your favorite features of the Ace?

    Zeke: Personally, my two favorite features about the Ace are the tail and the rails. These two features allow you to ride the board in any condition, whether bigger waves or a small day on the gulf. The rails keep the speed up while the pin tail helps hold you on the wave.

    Zap: What size Ace do you ride and why?

    Zeke: My size choice would have to be the 52-inch because that’s the same size I ride on my more advanced board and it’s just a nice and comfortable size for me.

    Zap: What kind of conditions would make the Ace your board of choice? 

    Zeke: The Ace definitely performs best on a glassy, smaller days. About 1-2 foot waves, I would say. But don’t be fooled, it still holds its own on bigger days! 

    Zap: What are some pointers you can give to help someone take full advantage of the Ace?

    Zeke: Make sure to run fast, dig the rails hard and keep your feet closer together so you don't nosedive or catch the rail and you’ll be good!

    Zap: How do you like to set up your traction pads for the Ace? Is there a special setup you like to do?

    Zeke: I personally like running an arch bar all the way through the board, from tail-nose. It just feels like it gives me the most grip and control when I’m out there.


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