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    Interview with Gerardo Valencia

    Gerardo Valencia wakes up excited to improve and challenge himself. He is a "cazador", a Skim Hunter from Mexico. He moves toward waves with hunger, intent, and precision similar to a wild animal attacking their prey.

    Gerardo's speed and explosiveness on a skimboard are truly exceptional! Just watch the video below. Look at the projection of his airs. Look how deep he is getting on big hard to reach waves! ¿Quién es este cazador?
    ZAP: How old are you and how long have you been Skimboarding?
    Gerardo: I am 25 now and I have been Skimboardong for 10 years.

    ZAP: Where do you live? Have you lived there your whole life? 
    Gerardo: I live in Barra De Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico. And yes I have lived here all of my life. 

    ZAP: How were you introduced to Skimboarding and what was your first board? 
    Gerardo: My first attraction to this sport was watching the boys jump with their boards in the waves. In my mind I said: We have to try that and now we are here! Ha ha! My first board was made of wood but I didn't like it much and bought a foamie skimboard.

    ZAP: How often do you skim?
    Gerardo: 6 or 5 days of the week.

    ZAP: Who do you skim with?
    Gerardo: My friends and brothers who are: Yahir, Machete, Irais, Nico and some others. With them the skim sessions are always fun.

    ZAP: What pushes you to want to progress on your skimboard?
    Gerardo: What makes me wake up excited every day is wanting to improve myself every day, breaking my own limits and challenging myself to want more.

     Who is your favorite skimboarder?
    Gerardo: I have several on my mind. The first is Fido Martinez, who is from Melaque. I always have admired him for his style of skimming and his passion to look for new waves. The second is Sam Sttinet because of his competitiveness in the UST tournaments. The third is Brandon Sears, because his style and way of flying excites me.

    ZAP: Do you have a girlfriend?
    Gerardo: Yes, and I appreciate her, because she understands how crazy I am about this sport! Ha ha.

    ZAP: Can you dance? 
    Gerardo: Ahh yeah! I don't really know how but I always try! Ha ha!

    ZAP: Do you have any goals this year?
    Gerardo: I have some projects in my head. This year I plan to give more than 120%

     How did you connect with us (Zap) and get sponsored?
    Gerardo: I made a video of myself with several very good waves. It was a compilation of a year and I also had some good photos. I put it all together to get sponsors. Everyone said no to me at first. I tried with Zap Skimboards by submitting my photos and videos. They trusted me and sent me a contract in 2014. That was the best thing that could have happened to me in this life!

    ZAP: Tell us about your relationship with the company/brand (Zap).
    Gerardo: Their best friends and bosses. We are the best of the best. I don't think there are words to describe how grateful I am for Zap. Each and every one of the people who are part of this company, inside and outside of it, are incredible! It is an honor for me to be in this great family.

    ZAP: Other sponsors?
    Gerardo: Goviloop.com, Spice Skate, Equilibrium Project, Biznaga, Compound Boardshop, and Elev8.

     You always seem so happy and positive. Is that true? Are you always happy?
    Gerardo: I like to be happy and have a good time with those around me. Every day is a new chance to do something crazy. I prefer to be happy rather than being sad or in a bad mood all the time. You can always choose your state of mind, so I prefer to have a good time.

    ZAP: Who’s better at Skimboarding you or Yahir?
    Gerardo: Which is the best? He or I? If I win he wins and if he wins I win. We will never lose between us because he is my blood and family. He is my little brother and I love him so much that I don't see a rivalry between us.

    ZAP: Best skim memory?
    Gerardo: I have several but there is one that marks me in the Boca Del Muerto. It was a great sider that when connecting to the wave it was as if everything happened slowly. I was very deep in the wave and I felt that I was not going to make it. Suddenly a backwash pushed me a little more at the and I managed to make an incredible wave! My legs were shaking with emotion. I almost wanted to cry and had a smile that could not be erased for weeks just remembering it. That's why I love to skim that beach, for all the good feelings that it can give you.

     Do you have a job outside skimming?
    Gerardo: I work doing skim, advertising, in restaurants, and sportfishing.

    ZAP: Favorite music?
    Gerardo: I don't have a favorite genre. I like all kinds of music

    ZAP: Shout outs or anything else you want to say?
    Gerardo: Well guys, to those of you who read this, i advise you to eat healthy, exercise, do sports and follow your goals and dreams. Work hard on your goals! I'm still working hard and I hope you do too. See you on social media and you need to buy a Zap “Cazador” board. They are the best!

    Video: Emilio Estrada

    Gerardo Valencia's Signature Skimboard
    The Cazador
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